SOLID Start Legal Marketing Package

We pride ourselves on delivering compelling marketing solutions to entrepreneurial law firms. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients attract high-quality leads that convert to sales and gain premium placement in the search results with Google Ads and Local Service Ads.

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SOLID Growth Package has been designed by the lawyers for your law firm.

Our package helps growth-focused lawyers like you attract qualified sales leads by showing targeted Google ads to customers interested in your legal services. Then, we direct users to high-converting landing pages where they call your firm or submit their information as sales leads.

Great Results

For Law Firms



Quick Setup

2-4 Weeks

Our Process

Step 1: We design Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages for your Law Firm

Built with Funnel Concept using cutting-edge conversion processes, our team of legal marketing experts write, design, and develop your campaign’s landing pages and optimize the pages as needed for your success.

Step 2: We develop and execute your Google Ads strategy and campaign.

We configure your Google Ads account, write compelling ads, select high converting keywords, and integrate detailed analytics to report the campaign’s performance.

Step 3: We launch, optimize, and improve your campaign's performance

As Google Ads run, they generate Ads data. We optimize your campaign's performance by enhancing keywords, adding negative keywords, and optimizing the overall Ads. We ensure that your ads stay at the optimum locations that deliver results and are yet are highly cost-effective.



One-time Setup Fee. No hidden fees. No pressure.

Google Ads Account Setup

Our team will set up and configure Google Ads account for your business. 

Keyword Research

Our team will perform the keyword research and create a list of keywords that will bring the desired results at your website.

Ad Copywriting

Our team will create the ad copies and do all the writing-related work for the Ads. We will also create designs for the Ads.

One Landing Page

Design, write, and development of one landing page to ensure that the leads are converted on the landing page itself.

Google Analytics Integration

We will integrate Google Analytics with your website to track the conversions on the landing page.



Monthly Service Fee. This fee DOESN'T include Google Ad spend.

Google Ads Management & Optimization

We will monitor the Google Ads to ensure that these are 100% optimized.

Landing Page Call Tracking
Our team will perform landing page call tracking, hosting, and A/B testing to optimize the results on landing page.
Design Updates & Monitoring of Landing Page
Our team will update the landing page as needed to ensure that it generates the results as per your business needs.
Weekly & Monthly Reporting
We will share weekly and monthly reports with you to ensure that our team achieves your desired goals.
24/7 Email Support

Our team will be available 24x7 via email to resolve your queries and make changes to Ads as per your requirements. Further, we will also be available to meet one-on-one whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SOLID Start Package Fit for me?

SOLID Start package is for the ones who are just starting out their legal marketing. In the beginning, your website wouldn't have organic traffic, you'll have to do advertisements to bring traffic to your website. We ensure that you get desired traffic which converts to your clients.

When should I start SOLID Growth Package?

SOLID Growth package brings organic traffic to your website. It takes 3 to 6 months to see the results of SEO performed in the SOLID Growth Package. Nevertheless, once the traffic is there it is expected to be there when we continuously work on the website. We recommend running the SOLID Growth Package together with the SOLID Start package as both of them serve different purposes. You can also consider switching to the SOLID Max package which gives you the best of all the worlds.

What if I don't have much budget?

If you do not have much budget, stick to the SOLID Start package and we will help you in growing your business with our SOLID Start activities. Once you have revenue you can plan further growth with our SOLID Growth Package.

Will you write Blog Articles in SOLID Start Package?

Blogs and Articles are the part of SOLID Growth Package. We will perfectly manage the Google Ads in the SOLID Start package. Our focus will be to bring first clients so that you can think about growth in few months.

How I pay for Google Ads spends?

We will help you configure your Google Ads account where you can include your billing details with your company's credit or debit card. We will just need access to the Google Ads account on; we will take care of the rest. We will ensure that the investment doesn't exceed the limits set by you. We will ensure that you get results out of your Google Ads. We recommend that our clients keep the budget unlimited as long as we get the desired results.

How do we start?

We start by signing up for services. Once the initial signing up is complete, our team will be in action. We will share the complete "GAME PLAN" with you to take your business to greater heights. Are you ready for it?

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