SOLID MAX Legal Marketing Package

SOLID MAX Legal Marketing Package is an all-in-one digital marketing package for law firms & attorneys. You just need to focus on building your law firm and we'll take care of regular prospect building for your firm. It's that simple.

SOLID MAX Package was designed to help Law Firms earn more money.

SOLID MAX Package has been designed by the lawyers at SOLID Legal Marketing Agency.

Do you remember, what was your objective to start your law firm? Freedom! Isn't it?

We know, it's not easy to achieve freedom unless you have SOLID Partners like SOLID Legal Marketing Agency. SOLID Marketing Agency not only helps you in achieving FREEDOM BUSINESS MODEL, rather we help you in achieving an enviable lifestyle. 

SOLID MAX Legal Marketing Package is all you need to aggressively market your law firm on the internet. We’ve designed a program of the most effective digital marketing services into a package guaranteed to get more traffic on your website and more prospective clients in your sales pipeline.



Exceptional Results

For Law Firms



Quick Setup

10-12 Weeks

What is included?

SOLID MAX Legal Marketing Package

WordPress Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Page Content

Google Ads

Local Ads

Email Marketing

Social Media Optimization


Gated Content

Our Process

Step 1: We painstakingly design an SEO-optimized WordPress website for your law firm. 

Your website will be designed, programmed, and written in a way that Search Engines Google & Bing (and your customers) will love. We use the latest onsite optimization technologies that help optimize your website to the best possible results delivery.

The optimization, website structure, and navigation depth ensure that your website ranks higher in Google Search results and thus attracts high traffic to your website. 

Step 2: Legal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will perform the complete SEO of the website. Before we perform the SEO, we believe in Abraham Lincoln's saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

We invest time in developing a strategy that works for legal industry marketing and outranks your competitors systemically. We take care of Technical SEO, Site Performance, SEO Content, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO, etc.

Step 3: Webpage Content

A webpage is the most crucial copyrighting tool that pushes your customers to your desired funnel. This is considered the most critical tactic for the marketing of your website. We carefully craft the content that leads to conversion and generates sales leads on your website.

Step 4: We develop, execute and optimize your Google Ads strategy and campaign.

We configure your Google Ads account, write compelling ads, select high converting keywords, and integrate detailed analytics to report the campaign’s performance.

As Google Ads run, they generate Ads data. We optimize your campaign's performance by enhancing keywords, adding negative keywords, and optimizing the overall Ads. We ensure that your ads stay at the optimum locations that deliver results and are yet are highly cost-effective.

Step 5: Local Ads: We "Literally", put your firm on Google Map

When searching for attorneys, clients scour their local market. In the last five years, searches for “attorney near me” have exploded in frequency and popularity.

We gain placement for your firm on Google Maps, and in the local search results, by building and correcting your firm’s citations, branding and optimizing your Google My Business profile, and supporting your firm to attract five-star reviews.

Step 6: Email Marketing.

We create strategies for Email Marketing and Create Highly Engaging Email copies and headlines. Once we plan the strategy, we push the email marketing campaign towards automation. The automation in email marketing leads to continuous engagement with the prospective clients and thus the constant building of pipelines with prospective clients. 

Step 7: Social Media Optimization. 

We create content for daily social media posting. We can enhance your profile as an influencer in your field. We create an aura around you and your firm's profile with the help of social media postings daily. We will work closely with you to ensure that the audience receives your message as per your preferences.

Step 8: Blogging: We create legal content that your clients love.

Your website needs accurate, optimized content to gain visibility in Google’s search results. Our team will prepare the content for your website.

Our professional copywriters create a month-on-month content strategy that prioritizes practice area pages, the latest topics in your practice area, and long-format blog articles. Then, we write, optimize, and publish the content on your website and social media accounts.

Step 9: We develop your Gated Content.

We will create gated content such as eBooks, Guides, Best Practices, etc. The prospective clients will download the content of interest after submitting their details on the gated form. This process will help you build your list of prospective customers, which will ultimately help you in sales conversions. 


Step 10: We provide weekly and monthly reports.

We will provide you with weekly and monthly reports to know how we progress with our legal marketing efforts.

Ours is a monthly contract. It will be easy for you to see value through our efforts based on reports. Our team customizes the report format and information as per your needs.



Monthly Service Fee. This DOESN'T include Facebook & Google Ad Spends.

Wordpress Website

Our team will create an SEO-optimized great looking WordPress website for your law firm.

Search Engine Optimization

We will perform the complete SEO of the website including Technical SEO, Site Performance, SEO Content, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO etc.

Webpage Content

Our team will write the content for the pages. Our copyrighting help prospects taking desired action on your website.

Google Ads

We will manage your Google Ads to bring in highly qualified Sales Leads.

Local Ads

We will do link building for your website. We will use a complete strategy for the link building.

Email Marketing

We will automate your email marketing so that you tap the prospect till it converts into a customer.

Daily Social Media Management & Optimization

We will manage your social media to post content on a daily basis. We will notify you of the leads from social media.


Our team will write legal blog articles that your clients would love.

Gated Content 

We will create gated content such as eBooks, etc., so that you keep building your list of prospective customers. 

Weekly & Monthly Reports

We will provide you with weekly and monthly reports to know how we are progressing with our legal marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start SOLID Growth Package?

Our SOLID Start package helps in gaining the initial momentum and our SOLID Growth Package helps in gaining the continuous momentum. It generates leads via Search Engine Optimization. You should go with this package when you have gained initial clients and you have the budget for the expansion. The budget for this is $2,999 per month. However, the best part is there is no investment in Google Ads in this package.

Do you recommend SOLID Start+Growth or SOLID Max?

If you are planning to go with Both Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization, and you think you can go with both SOLID Start and SOLID Growth. We recommend going with SOLID Max. You'll get added advantages with it, for example, Google Local Ads, Email Marketing, etc.

What if I don't have much budget?

If you do not have much budget, stick to the SOLID Start package and we will help you in growing your business with our SOLID Start activities. Once you have revenue you can plan further growth with our SOLID Growth Package.

Will you write Blog Articles in SOLID MAX Package?

Yes, we will write articles in the SOLID MAX Package. It might be from 2 to 4 articles depending upon the requirement. Further, we will be writing webpage content as well in the SOLID MAX package.

How I pay for Google Ads spends?

We will help you configure your Google Ads account where you can include your billing details with your company's credit or debit card. We will just need access to the Google Ads account on; we will take care of the rest. We will ensure that the investment doesn't exceed the limits set by you. We will ensure that you get results out of your Google Ads. We recommend that our clients keep the budget unlimited as long as we get the desired results.

How do we start?

We start by signing up for services. Once the initial signing up is complete, our team will be in action. We will share the complete "GAME PLAN" with you to take your business to greater heights. Are you ready for it?

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