SEO-focused content strategy for Law Firm

How a law firm increased organic website visits by  72 percent thanks to an SEO-focused content strategy.

Business Overview

Our Client is a Dutch law firm with over 20 years of experience. They have worked with a diverse range of businesses and procedures, and they strive to build long-term relationships with their clients. We place a high value on our client relationships.


Regardless of the industry or vertical, the internet is a crowded and competitive marketplace. That's why it's critical to constantly optimize online content to ensure it reaches the right target audiences. While Our Client's reputation among clients and industry professionals has grown and maintained, the practice has decided to step up its online marketing strategy. To do so, they enlisted SOLID's help in developing a new content strategy and a solid SEO strategy to support the switch.

80% ↑ in organic traffic

10% ↑ in page session

90% ↑ in Average Session

Updates to on-page and technical SEO

Our Client's most significant change in content strategy was a complete switch to a new approach. Following a new SEO strategy, the transfer made it easier to publish blog posts directly to the main website. This increased interaction with website content will almost certainly result in more backlinks and, as a result, more traffic. Following the switch, our team performed new on-site optimizations to improve page load speed, site structure, and metadata for improved search engine readability and crawlability.

New content and Activities to Build Links.

SOLID began publishing blog posts monthly after moving all of the content for Our Client into the new Content Strategy. This increased overall visibility. Each blog post featured a search-friendly page structure, metadata, images, and links to other relevant content. In addition, our team optimized each landing page for our target keyword list while also submitting the content to directories to help with link building.

Finally, we launched a redirect campaign to ensure content optimization and increased site traffic. This non-intrusive "zero-click" campaign converts users to search for keywords related to Our Client.


In the month following the switch to the new content Strategy, Our Client saw an incredible 80 percent increase in organic website visits. They're getting more page views, but visitors stay longer on the site (ideal customer). A 14 percent increase in pages per session, a 90 percent increase in average session duration, and a 5% improvement in bounce rate demonstrate this. This information suggests that visitors who found the site through organic search found information relevant to their query, increasing the likelihood of converting them into potential clients.

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