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How we helped one of the top legal conference organizers improve effectiveness for the past two years and counting.

Our Client

Our client is an expert in improving the effectiveness of Litigation Laws by hosting Legal Conferences, Litigation Conferences, and Law Conferences to bring together legal stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

Our client provides a platform for legal professionals worldwide to connect, network, and grow their businesses. It also gives the Law Society and other organizations new perspectives on recent legal developments.

55% ↑ in Lead Conversion

80% ↑ in Organic Traffic

250% ↑ in ROI

Our client realized it needed to revisit its marketing strategies as the digital age ushered in a new approach to business management. Our client team turned to SOLID for assistance in adapting to the technical climate without compromising its valuable brand and messaging.

Each of our clients has its own set of problems. Our client's challenge wasn't necessary to assist in their company's growth; they'd done a fantastic job on their own. The problem was figuring out how to take our digital marketing efforts to the next level.

We decided to create a comprehensive strategy for the company that included SEO and PPC.


Our SEO work never ends. But first and foremost, we wanted to ensure that all relevant directories had our client's updated information.

After finishing the major directories, we launched an aggressive link-building campaign, including reaching out to our key clients, collaborating with news outlets, and producing regular press releases.

Our team worked on on-site technical SEO modifications such as content/image optimization, sitemap structuring, etc.

This strategy allowed us to demonstrate our client's significant organic growth in a short period. However, SEO is only one part of the equation. We knew we needed to use paid marketing to make a true and lasting impact.


We wanted to make sure that the campaigns we launched stayed within budget, so we created a bucket list of negative keywords to ensure that our ads were only shown to people who were most likely to become qualified leads.

We then created and continue to make ads that convert our clients' audiences. Our team of designers, writers, and marketing strategists collaborate to develop advertisements that consistently outperform the competition.

Our client works with people going through a personal and challenging time in their lives. As a result, we've dedicated an entire team to manage our clients' online reputation.

SOLID has achieved double and triple-digit gains in organic and paid search traffic and conversions for our client for the past two years by constantly refining budgets, targeting, audiences, and channels. We anticipate many more years of tremendous success.

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