Local SEO, Digital Leads, PPC for Law Firm

How a UK Based Law Firm significantly improved its local SEO, digital leads, and PPC ROI.

About Client

Our client is an Indian UK Based law firm that provides a full range of legal services. The firm has seven offices and over 400 attorneys specializing in corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution, taxation, and intellectual property.

25% increase in website traffic

10% ranking on first page

30% decrease in CPA


In taxation law, staying one step ahead of the competition means driving organic search traffic and digital leads. Our company hired SOLID to implement more aggressive, cutting-edge SEO and PPC strategies tailored explicitly for taxation law and to deliver bottom-line results such as digital brand awareness, website traffic, and leads.

Website optimizations in depth

To begin, the SOLID Marketing team conducted a comprehensive website audit and update. This included meta tags, header tags, unique landing page content, internal linking, and image alt tags, among other things, all of which aligned with detailed keyword research. Our team also optimized the site's speed and implemented a redirection strategy for over 40+ defunct or archived pages.

Link-building campaign

Search visibility and organic site traffic are bot influenced by domain authority. Our team performed ongoing link-building outreach for Our Client to ensure authoritative and relevant sites linked back to high-value content on the website, which helped boost domain authority.

Content optimization and blog posts

Our content team also wrote and published new blog posts about the primary practice areas for which Our Client aspires to be ranked. All landing page content was adjusted to align with practice area optimization, including the appropriate use of keywords, length, and quality and Onsite meta tag optimization for improved search presence.

Effective PPC campaigns that generate leads

Our teams created and launched PPC campaigns specifically designed to target and drive qualified leads to Our Client landing pages. Our team has continued driving leads and conversions while consistently lowering cost per acquisition, thus improving ROI for these PPC campaigns by combining branded search traffic and display remarketing.


Our team is strategically targeted in our web design, SEO, and digital marketing approach because the law, especially taxation law, is one of the most challenging and competitive industries to market.

Our SEO efforts resulted in a 25 percent increase in organic website traffic and a 40 percent increase in ranked targeted keywords for UK markets. Overall, 35% of the firm's target keywords are ranking, with 10% of those ranking on the first two pages of search results, assisting in recruiting more qualified visitors to the website. On the PPC side, a 30% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) has resulted in a significant increase in ROI for these campaigns. 

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